The Sound of Balance:
Vibrational Healing

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Vicki is filled with gratitude that she is able to introduce this CD to those who are seeking a more in-depth understanding of the principles of vibrational healing. This CD accompanies workshops on vibrational healing.

Vibrational Healing

Quantum physics has embraced the concept that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Energy and motion, when slowed down, create matter, including the human form. All of our energy bodies—including the physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual—resonate to a designated frequency. As we move out of harmony, so does the vibration that leads to dis-ease in the corresponding area.


Edgar Cayce predicted that sound healing would become the wave of the future. Today, in fact, it is used by the medical and alternative fields throughout the world. Vibrational sound healing has been used for centuries in Eastern Ayurvedic medicine to balance the chakras and meridian systems. When we match and introduce the healthy vibration of a particular chakra or aura, it balances and creates a shift in the subtle energies of the body. This allows the environment for energy to mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually return to harmony and balance. Hence, The Sound of Balance: Vibrational Healing.


Having found success in the use of sounds and frequencies in her work with clients, Vicki discovered that there are disadvantages to using toning bowls, pitch pipes and other CD recordings. These tools did not meet her specific needs as a teacher and practitioner. They did not isolate the individual tones long enough for the tones to be identified, utilized or assimilated. Vicki wanted the vibrational sounds to resonate long enough to provide the environment for the chakras to align themselves. This allows the healing process to expand.


The health threat of losing her voice to a thyroid tumor made it urgent for Vicki to produce and complete this CD.  She began to apply her own program, using sound balancing and vibrational healing, which helped her to successfully attain her own recovery.


CD Instructions

Both discs in The Sound of Balance are designed to bring the body’s energy back into harmony. This is orchestrated through both listening to the tones in this CD and by using the vibration of your voice along with them.


For instructors, this is a useful media tool to use in conjunction with energy workshops; it is a companion to both the Chakra and the Law of the Five Elements workshops that Vicki conducts. For practioners, this is an awesome tool for sessions in which sustaining isolated tones and vibrations are needed for an energy balance. Last but not least, individuals can use it to create their own unique balancing sessions at home.

Sample Tracks

Disc 1: “The Chakra Sound Balance”

Listening to each of the tones in sequence during a meditation automatically produces the fertile environment for the energy bodies to align themselves. With more focused attention, the tones can be used to balance specific chakras and elements. You may choose to listen to the full CD, which is 54 minutes, or divide it into sections.

Section 1: Track 1 – “The Chakra Stairway”


This 12-minute section is designed to clear the main pathway of energy, which is called the “central column.” Sit with legs uncrossed, use breath and visualization to pull energy up from the root chakra, the element earth and water, to the crown chakra. Follow the breath up through the central column to the top of the head or crown. Then clear back down from crown chakra through the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacra and then end with the root chakra.

Section 2: Tracks 2-13 (36 minutes)

The tones in this section can be used as a deep meditation, or the individual tones can be isolated and repeated to match the frequency of a particular chakra, allowing the chakra to open more fully.

Section 3: Track 14 – “The Ascension” (6 minutes)

This final section is used after clearing the central column, to promote the movement and balance of the creative intention you set in the beginning of your session.


Disc 2: “The Five-Element Sound Balance”

Track 1-6 (12 minutes)

The Law of the Five Elements embraces many facets of healing through nature, our senses and meridian theory to affect our subtle energy bodies. On this CD my focus is on the role that sound frequency has on balancing our energy centers within. Often when we are out of balance, the necessary sounds that bring about healing are difficult and uncomfortable to express. Just by listening to the corresponding tones the meridians can align themselves. Even better is to engage in toning along with the sounds.

Disc 2: Track 7 – “The Laughter Lift”

This section inspired the creation and the production of this CD. Laughter alone has been used therapeutically to heal disease. The tone releases natural endorphins that heal. The frequency within stimulated by laughter raise to very high levels, promoting healing on a cellular level. Sit back and indulge in the contagious healing rhythm of laughter.


Step 1: Set aside the time you need for this healing session. Go to a quiet, comfortable place. Begin to relax your thoughts.


Step 2: Set your intention. This could be as basic as, “I would like all my energy centers to be balanced as I listen,” or a specific intention relating to a challenge in the moment.


Step 3: Turn all your conscious thoughts, awareness and breath to  any feelings within that feel out of balance. Recognize the contrast between what is and what is desired. Then surrender and let grace lead you to the energy space within that knows exactly how to effortlessly bring your entire being into balance.