" I would love to fill page upon page with heart-felt feedback about the experiences I've had with Vicki's healing sessions and classes.

She is undoubtedly an inspired instrument through which health, harmony and physical well- being unfolds. It is through her caring, educated, intuitive spirit that self- healing is introduced into our world. The information and understanding she unselfishly shares with everyone is meant to help humans "ascend to a higher vibration".

I have been blessed with watching hundreds of Vicki's students grow and develop into the loving healers that they naturally are. She has assisted countless clients conquer their ills and go back to enjoying life. She is truly, genuinely unique.

Testimonials, by nature, are biased. I must share the fact that Vicki is my sister, beloved beyond compare. When I examined my motives to write this for her website, I first believed it was to convey to anyone visiting, that she's the "real deal". After consideration though, the fact is this page could remain completely blank because Vicki's work, students and clients speak the volumes that I don't have room for on this page."

Tracey Wring

" Vicki has been my partner in great health for 10 years. Her ability to discern what my mind, body or spirit most needs in the moment continues to astound me. With decades of experience, lists of certificates, and a strong intuitive gift, she provides clients with support that is as unique as they are. Her professional talents are only exceeded by her passion for life and her beautiful heart."

Linda Sacha

" I have been a client of Vicki's for nearly 5 years. It is so hard to put into words the gifts her talents and knowledge have brought into my life. Through muscle testing, journey work, body work, nutritional discussions and cleanses, I have discovered so many things about myself. I have been able to explore my opportunities and truly feel that I am working towards living my best life. I have greater awareness and increased knowledge about who I am and what makes me tick. I have discovered hidden hurts,  pains and have learned to grow from these, with Vicki's guidance and genuine love. I have explored the creator within me and continue to learn how to listen and act upon that voice in a positive and productive way. Vicki is a wonderful guide, supporter, teacher, partner and friend"

Wendy Sheil

" Vicki's work is magical. I've been seeing her for 5 years and the changes have been profound. She always knows exactly what modality to utilize to move me forward. Her bodywork releases me from long held resistance, and her understanding of my journey has helped me to become more aligned with who I really am. She's a gifted healer. I'm lucky to have her in my life."

Robin Fox

" Vicki's pasion to teach will be evident in the very first visit. You will learn personalized techniques to achieve and maintain both physical and emotional well being. I continue to benefit from the wealth of information and practices that Vicki has so generously shared."

Dawn R Hutchins

" I have been practicing the Ingham Method of Reflexology for three years. I encourage all to use the Chakra Balance CD's with every personal and business session. I have had very good results. It is a gift to be able to deliver another layer of healing, vibrational care through this medium. Often, I have started and ended my sessions with the beautiful earth balance. For clients that resonate with this piece it is especially healing. Clients have also purchased this beautiful two disc package for home use. One said" I found disc 2 very calming even though I was not accoustomed to hearing sounds of balance such as crying, laughter antd others 'If you are able to do chakra work, you will be especially delighted. I have followed the CD format prompts as they move through the chakra's concentrating my attention to certain tracks and toning along with them. One client who has done energy work for 25 years felt great benifits after I added the tones to her sessions. Health comes in layers. I encourage others to take advantage of this beautifully prepared, easy to use tool for healing. The Sound of Balance, Vibrational Healing " by Vicki  Graham"

Vickie Roark

" I received my training in Reflexology from Vicki Graham. As a nurse, fitness and wellness instructor, it was important to me to chose a teacher with the highest level of training and professionalism. Vicki is just that: A wonderful role model who teaches by example, and helps her students to truly understand the importance of the mind-body- spirit approach to health and personal growth."

Dale Stephanick

" Several years ago my doctor kept sending me to one specialist after another. When the various medications prescribed didn't help the pain I was experiencing in my chest, I ended up going to a heart specialist, who convinced me to have an angiogram. There was nothing wrong. Fortunately for me, I met Vicki  shortly after that and started to work with her. Through her muscle testing we discovered what I needed  and I have been pain free ever since. I feel so blessed to have found Vicki, and continue to work with her on all aspects  of my health."

Judy Gowdy

" I have been a client of Vicki's for over 10 years, and what started as a professional /business relationship has blossomed into a totally healing , enlightning, saving my life experience. Vicki has inspired me with a wealth and depth of knowledge and passion that has transformed me and given me the tools to live and deal with a chronic and debilitating medical condition. Vicki's personality, experience, generosity, and dedication to her clients and her profession along with her infectious laughter and positivity have greatly enhanced my physical, spiritual, and emotional well being on this earth. I am so grateful to have her in my life."

Kristin DiErrico,Chester CT.

" Vicki is one of the most intuitive healers I have ever known. If you are a student of Reflexology, Vibrational Healing, Journey sessions, or just curious about how they help improve your life, Vicki is where to start. She is a wealth of knowledge and love. You will find no other guide as engaging and warm or with as much love."

John Kasye

" The first time I went to Vicki for help with my health problems, she opened my eyes to the truth of what was going on in my body and mind. Her insights are amazing and her recommendations were spot on. Foolowing her advise, I lost weight and was able to understand how to de-stress my life and be more content with my situation. Vicki is trully gifted with something more than intuition. She has the faculty of knowing or sensing with the use of rational processes. She is amazing!"

Eunice Mato

" Some healers perform Reiki, some know Kinesiology, some do Reflexology and others are Massage Therapists. But to have one person that can perform all these modalities is amazing. Not only does Vicki know them all, she teaches them all! I've been both her client and student and have always found her to be helpful, uplifting, inspiring, and wonderfully knowledgable. She also has a great laugh. Everyone should have a Vicki in their lives."

Deb Prater, Artist and Designer Ct.

" Vicki is my go to person. I go to her when I need truth. The truth about my feelings, the truth about my self image, the truth about my health. I go to her for guidance about what I should eat, how much excercise I need, and decisions I should make. Vicki's connection to source has inspried my life and my work in the alternative health field. She is absolutely indispensable. I am honored to know and love her. Thank you Vicki !!"

Angelica Heppe

" I am fascinated and in awe everytime I visit Vicki Graham. I continue to learn more about myself emotionally, chemically, and physically than I have ever been aware of before. Each consultation reveals a new twist in the journey from the feeling of dying( how I felt before I met her, despite visits to many types of doctors) to the feeling of better and better health and well being everyday."

Kelly Robbins

"Changing direction in life is difficult, and laying out a new course is even more challenging. Vicki inspires and guides honest introspection to address all aspects of health, and to explore creative energy's."

Trish Arnold

" I first met Vicki at a Reflexology class that she was teaching in her home. Since then so many doors have opened. Vicki is a wonderful teacher and very special spirit, that is accepting of everyone with a genuine gift and a way of knowing how to help people in so many different ways. I've only known her for 6 months  and my life has changed so much. We have worked on many areas, ranging from nutrition, bodywork, life path, and I can feel my life starting to change, open up, become more balanced, and move in a more positive direction. I am so grateful to know Vicki, and excited about what the future will bring with our continued work together."

With love Sarah Coogan


" In november of 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After several operations and four months of Chemotherapy, I was on my way to recovery when May 2007 I was sent to the hospital because of severe edema in my legs. To my dismay I was told the medication had damaged my heart. In July of 2008, I entered the hospital with flash pulmonary  edema . I was on a ventilator for four days while Vicki and trained members of her family came to my rescue and worked on my feet and body with energy work and reflexology which helped keep me alive. For a whole year I was doing very well and then had a reacurring circumstance that kept me in the hospital from May 31, 2009 until July 3rd. For over a month, even though I was intibated, Vicki was there for me again doing whatever she could holistically, never loosing hope. If it was not for Vicki Graham, her family and their practice of reflexology and energy work, I truly believe that I would not be here today and for that I am eternally grateful."

Carlene Myers

" Vicki has been such a presence in my life for the past few years. She has shown me so much about the human body that most people never learn in a lifetime. I have enjoyed taking classes with her in Reflexology and Touch for Health. The techniques and information are invaluable to help make daily life much better. Her massages are like no other, because she blends wisdom with conversation and awareness. I am blessed to have her in my life right now."

Love Linda Foster

" I have been a client of Vicki's for over10 years and she has helped me through many life crises. She is a medical intuit and a wise counselor, that can get to the heart of the matter like no one else. If you are interested in a holistic approach to your health and well-being Vicki is a great resource. Everyone needs someone like Vicki in their lives; you will be surprised at how your quality of life improves once you are in her hands. Make an appointment today."

Ed Ritz