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Written on July 24, 2013 at 8:45 am, by vicki2

Check out my new blog.Most of my postings will be done on this site

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Inspirational Pick of the week

Written on February 10, 2010 at 7:32 pm, by vicki

Inspirational Pick of the Week!


Keep on Asking and it Shall be Given!

Children and animals are such a pure expression of source energy, determination, and mindfulness.

My grandaughter Nevada is such a wonderful example of:


"As you identify the thing that you want and you achieve vibrational harmony with it, by Law of Attraction you summon the Energy through you, and that is what life is. When someone stops desiring, Life Force no longer flows through them, and then they re-emerge into the Nonphysical where you have all kinds of goals and intentions."
— Abraham (Excerpted from the workshop in Lincroft, NJ on Tuesday, October 15th, 1996)


Nevada, for the past three years lived, breathed, voiced the desire to have a puppy. With childlike acceptance she would use affirmations, visualization, whatever it took, with conviction that eventually a puppy would manifest itself. Against all odds, The Law of Attraction won out. The intensity of the vibrational desire and it's natural flow found it's match.


1.The law of attraction teaches us that we create our lives, with every thought every minute of every day.


2.On the other hand, anything we resist – persists, grows stronger, and dominates our life.





So even though Mom and Dad were practicing the second law for awhile, the first evidently has more

universal influence! Sometimes the reward shows up even with the more passive approach and we reap from someone elses strong desire!


Shoot for the stars and always dance like no one is looking, or better yet just go for it.

Congradulations Nevada, and the co-creators, Ryleigh, Gavin, Mom and Dad…


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Written on February 8, 2010 at 5:20 pm, by vicki


Well Here it is! This is so exciting. Welcome to the vision Finally Manifested.

Over the past several years I have been gently and (not so gently) nudged, encouraged, inspired and lovingly prodded, to step more fully into my life purpose of helping others discover who they really are, and to create a channel to activate that path more mindfully.


For those of you who know me well,  know that entering into the world of cyberspace is walking into unchartered waters. However I've have embraced the challenge, recognizing that this is a wonderful opportunity to share so much, with so many more kindred co-creators.


I have put into intention, the goal to share from my pool of experiences, information, inspiration and hopefully some wisdom , collected over the last 35 years of my journey, related to wellness, health and spirituality. I also hope to share the experiences that all of you have to exchange.


Some of the topics for the blog will be:

Health and Wellness, Satsang, Mindfulness, Inspirational Picks of the Week, Voice of Gratitude and whatever else moves us.


I have to begin the first post with the topic on Voice of Gratitude.


Thanks to all of you so much, for the  support to complete this project. John Kayce thank you for the amazing splash page that held this space for so long.

Geoff Cox, thanks for you endurance and willingness to jump in. I know this was a learning curve that went beyond expectations, but your diligence has paid off. You have created an awesome site that I will be able to manage. You are a patient, gentle soul and your efforts are greatly appreciated.


As I came down to the typing of the last of the text, the testimonials, I sent out a last minute request to some of you who were willing to share some expressions about our journey together. I have to admitt I wasn't exactly mindful in the moment, but as I starting to slowly type in your heartfelt responses, I became very present and grateful!!!! for all of you.


This was a wonderful assignment for me, because both asking and receiving has not always been easy for me, I' m still learning this art. However this was a great reminder to me about how much I really love the path I am on and my purpose of being able to help guide others, and even more grateful for all of the wonderful, teachers, mentors, clients, students, friends and loved ones I have gotten to share this journey with. Your supportive, loving comments were humbly received.


Thank you for all your love and appreciation.

Vicki Graham


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